Opening to Meditation
Authors : Diana Lang

Opening to Meditation to Enhance Creativity

A Gentle, Guided Approach with Diana Lang

Posted 5/7/15

Diana LangDiana Lang is the author of Opening to Meditation and the owner and director of the Lifeworks Center for Growth in Los Angeles, where she lives. She is also active in a variety of nonprofit international efforts to teach meditation and yoga. Visit her online at

Is there a link between meditation and creativity / intelligence? Diana writes, "When you meditate you are linking up to a kind of stream of universal consciousness, like a river of ideas and creativity. We can link directly into this stream by simply meditating. Research shows meditation is a great technique to improve creativity and develop the neocortex which is the creative part of the brain, and that meditation creates more elasticity in the brain resulting in a more creative approach to problem solving.

"Top companies encourage creativity by offering meditation in the workplace. For instance, The Walt Disney Company was an early adopter of meditation because of the remarkable increase in creativity they saw among their artists. General Mills found similar results and provides meditation rooms for their employees. Google offers an entire meditation program called ‘Search Inside Yourself’ that includes an on-site labyrinth for walking meditations."

Selections from Opening to Meditation

Opening to Meditation"Meditation will teach you to reconnect with yourself and tap into the limitless potentials within you," writes Diana. "You'll feel revitalized and renewed. Through this process, relationships will become enriched and enlivened, work becomes inspired, and you'll begin to discover the potentials of your own positive growth. It's a whole new way of being."

Trust Yourself
You need nothing outside your self to take your next spiritual step. You already have everything you need.

Just Be Present
The answers you are looking for can be found right where you are. Your point of power is in this present moment.

You Are Good
Through the process of meditation you discover your true goodness.

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