Chronicling the Creative Journey
Chronicling the Creative Journey : Creativity Journals

Chronicling the Creative Journey

Creativity Journals

Updated 7/4/15

Featured Blogs

Jill Badonsky's Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder Blog
This is a place to visit for your daily dose of creativity, wit, inspiration, and other stuff.

Judith Westerfield's Curious to the MAX Blog
Therapeutic Creative Expression of Pain & Pleasure
Tutorials on how to do Therapeutic Process Journaling (a form of art journaling); how to do spontaneous collage journal pages; how to interpret journal pages for personal unconscious meanings and message. The blog has tutorials, personal examples and showcases other people's creative work: Poems, paintings, drawings, stories, crafts, fine art, arts & crafts. My goal in sharing my own and other's experiences and creative expression is to motivate others with fibromyalgia, life altering medical conditions as well as the general public to discover the therapeutic value in creativity.

Active Creativity Blogs

Laura Hegfield's Shine the Divine: Creativity as a Spiritual Practice
Shine the Divine is an online journal of sorts where you will find my thoughts and feelings through words and imagery as I travel this chaotic journey called Life.

Lesley Riley: Practical Grounding for the Creative Spirit Where I share my fascination with the creative process and how creativity is always present in our lives.

Sage's Play
Sage's Play is an age-positive adventure exploring creativity, wellness and spirit. Age is a valuable stage of life. Ride the age wave!

More Blogs

aestheticflow: the search for creative experience in everyday life
This blog is a record of my quest to approach life more mindfully, and to pay close attention to my own artistic impulses — as well as the creative energies of those around me. In addition to posts about my own work, I draw attention to the creative process and the work of artists who inspire me.

Campaign For Creativity To Banish Negativity
Join Creativity Coach, DeeDee Remington, as she embarks on a challenge to discover the link between creative expression and a positive outlook. The challenge is to complete 52 projects in a year and blog about it.

Ellen Joy Johnson's Discover Your Creativity
A blog to share creative thought, expression, encouragement and ways to incorporate more creativity in our artistic endeavors and every day life.

Elsa's Creativity Blog
How do I get my creative works out into the world? Steps, stages, successes, failures. Creativity — not easy to find/make a home for it.

Energies of Creation
I explore creativity in art, gardening, and energy work. I am a painter, gallery owner, Reiki Master, and co-founder of Crystalline Consciousness Technique™.

Nellie Jacobs' Igniting Imagination
"Facilitator to book clubs and study groups, offering inspiring, provocative material and presentations for in-depth discussions, debates and self-discoveries."

Peter Clothier's Persist: The Blog
An accompanying blog to Clothier's book Persist: In Praise of the Creative Spirit in a World Gone Mad with Commerce. "The book examines the predicament of creative people of all kinds (artists, writers, musicians, actors...) in today's cultural environment, which is too often dominated by money and celebrity."

Rita Farin: Transitioning to a Creative Life: On Spirituality, Relationships and the Creative Process
After spending 17 years in the business world, I decided to become a full-time writer. I hope my discoveries during this journey will help others navigating their own creative transitions.

Riva Weinstein's Magic Medicine Workshop
Join Riva for extraordinary creative journeys inspired by every day experiences and materials. Inspiration is everywhere. That's the magic and the medicine! Like the shaman's journey to alternate realities, creativity is Magic Medicine for the soul.

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