Chronicling the Creative Journey
Chronicling the Creative Journey : Writers Journals

Chronicling the Creative Journey

Writers Journals

Updated 7/4/15

Featured Blogs

The Buddha Diaries
"Peter Clothier's meditations are refreshingly candid and often intensely personal, but keep a weather eye on what will be of greatest interest to his readers — an imperative that leads the entries into such diverse realms as politics, cinema, poetry, and philosophy."

Time to Write
Jurgen Wolff's tips, ideas, inspirations for writers and would-be writers and other creative people. Daily posts with tips and techniques for writing, overcoming procrastination, keeping ideas flowing, and news about writing and publishing.

Active Writer's Blogs

Boosting Your Creative Energy
Stimulating insights on music making and creativity from masterly pianist and expert life coach Valerie Kampmeier.

Charlotte Rains Dixon's Wordstrumpet
Charlotte Rains Dixon mentors creative writers from passionate to published. Charlotte is a free-lance journalist, ghostwriter, and author. Visit her blog to find all kinds of tips and techniques on writing and creativity.

The Heart's Inner Workings
Karen Pilarski's journey is to get at the heart of the matter. This blog is about reflective thoughts on different topics. The words are not just about the heart but are written from the heart. Though poetry and essays, this blog hopes to comfort and inspire those who read it.

Penjamin's Write Way
I track and record the thrills of nature's moments. Travel along on my adventures in photography and words. Respond to my suggestions for "Creative Writes."

More Blogs

2 Aspiring Authors
This blog by Katherine Abbey and Anne Marie Girolami journals their trials and triumphs in the quest to be published. As their journey progresses, the blog will focus more and more on the importance of friendship and the emotional support we give to each other through the ups and downs of everyday life.

Chicken Scratch
Observations on writing and taking pleasure of the small things in life. Want to learn to write beautifully? Pay attention to what a chicken scratches.

Field Notes and Mix-Tapes: Balancing Creativity with Real Life
Fun, creative, and resourceful links for writers combined with the struggles and journey of writing, plus how to balance it all with parenthood.

Inspired to Write
This blog is focused on the creative art of writing, finding inspiration to write, and ideas surrounding the writing journey.

Kindling is a glimpse at a writer's creative and spiritual journey. It provides prompts and insights for the community of writers I serve as a writing coach. It's affirming, quirky, gentle, short, odd, motivating. At times practical, at times life-changing.

Pattie Mosca's Writing Inspiration: From the Inside Out
A journal blog of paintings and writing connecting my voice and my creative spirit and welcome others to join.

Writer's Block
A writer's personal journey of growth. This blog poignantly weaves together the humorous and the profound for an engaging tapestry of one woman's life perspective.

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