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Wild Women, Wild Voices — Writing from Your Authentic Wildness

Updated 5/13/15

Wild Women, Wild VoicesJudy Reeves', Wild Women, Wild Voices: Writing from Your Authentic Wilderness is based on a 10-week workshop she developed for women called 'Wild Women Writing Workshop.' Her popular workshop evolved into an ongoing approach to writing and women's voices that can now be experienced through Wild Woman, Wild Voices. Her book offers practical ways to reclaim and use the wildness of one's own 'wild voice' through the use of daily journal assignments, prompts, and personal explorations.

Enjoy this unique selection of excerpts and explorations on Creativity Portal from Wild Women, Wild Voices, ゥ copyright 2015 by Judy Reeves. Printed with permission from NewWorldLibrary.com.

Wild Women, Wild Voices Features

Wild Women, Wild Voices Interview with Judy Reeves
Reeves responds to questions about Wild Women, Wild Voices, writing, authenticity, and creativity.

Artist/Creator: Authentic Expressions of Wild Woman
Is every woman (or man) creative? Features 'A Map of Creative Expressions' exploration.

Art as Transformation of Wild Woman
Wild Women relate their experiences of being transformed by art. Explorations include Your Creative Process, Art and Transformation, and Making Art/Working Naked.

Nurturing Your Artist/Creator
We are at our most authentic when we are at one with our creativity. Explorations include Nourishing Your Artist/Creator and continuing the journey.

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