Chocolate nuggets candy wrapper tutorial
Printable Candy Wrappers : Nuggets Wrapper Project

Sweet Sentiments: Nuggets Candy Wrapper Project

By Virginia Tavenner

Finished Nugget Wrapper SampleWhat better way to express your sentiments than with chocolates? This project will provide you with the basics needed to create custom, personalized candy wrappers for a birthday party, wedding reception, or just the one you love. To create these wrappers, we will be using Microsoft Word to print our designs onto Avery Address Labels #8160 (You can also use Avery style 2660, 5160, 5960, or 8460). This gives us the convenience of simply printing, peeling and sticking our designed wrappers onto HERSHEY'S® Nuggets or Treasures.

Step 1. Download the full-size, high-resolution candy wrapper image from this page by right-clicking on the image and saving it to a directory on your computer. (Thumbnail of candy wrapper sample is below.)

Sample thumbnail image of downloadable project candy wrapper

Download full-size nugget candy wrapper here

Step 2. Open a new document in Microsoft Word and load your Nugget candy wrapper image by selecting Insert >> Picture >> From File.

Step 3. Next, add your personalized text by placing text boxes over the image. To do this, select Insert >> Text Box. To position your text vertically so that it prints like our project sample, you would select Format >> Text Direction. You may also need to format your Text Box to remove any border lines or background colors.

Step 4. Once you have finished adding your text, use your mouse to highlight the entire image (the wrapper and the text).

Step 5. Click on Tools >> Envelopes And Labels (Word 97 and Word 2000), or choose Tools >> Letters and Mailings and then choose Envelopes and Labels (Word 2002 and Word 2003). Word then displays the Envelopes and Labels dialog box. (Don't worry if your text doesn't appear in the label preview.)

Step 6. From the Envelopes and Labels dialog box Click on Options and selection Avery label number 8160 then hit OK.

  • Select the label number of the product you are using if it is different than #8160.
  • If you are printing using plain inkjet paper, use #8160.

Full sheet of completed wrappers

Step 7. Now Click on New Document. A new document should now open containing a full sheet of your completed wrappers. Insert your paper and select File >> Print.

Finished nugget wrapper possibilities

Voila! You now have a full sheet of custom candy wrappers that you can simply peel and stick onto HERSHEY'S® Nuggets or Treasures. But don't let your creativity stop here. You can create a wrapper for just about any occasion. •

© 2006 Virginia Tavenner

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